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Parallaxion #2-C.G. Jung & Basketball

2010-03-28 9 0 Vimeo

To Carl Jung, one of the founders of psychoanalysis, life as we know it was only the tip of an iceberg. Life as we don’t know it, that is, the unconscious realm of dreams, of myth, and of mysterious symbols that guide humanity beyond the limits of basic reason—on that Jung set his lens. Basketball: In 1891, James Naismith attached wooden peach baskets to the walls of a gymnasium. Today, millions of people worldwide join together as one in support of their local teams, cheering on their heroes. Young men and women across America come of age by this game and there are few rituals left in the modern world with as much cultural meaning, where dreams are born and spirits lifted—or broken, faith embraced. Juxtaposition: What does it mean to win? Why do we seek out unnecessary competition? How does one stay in the game? Is there something spiritually innate about two teams throwing balls through hoops? And how can a man feel his own soul crushed when he hears the fourth quarter buzzer sound through the speakers of a barroom television? Let’s find out... http://www.Parallaxion.com