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After - Moby

2011-05-07 2,260 0 Vimeo

Video made for the Saatchi & Saatchi, Vimeo, Moby 'Hello, Future' Music Video Challenge Director - A.J. Gomez(Alberto Gómez) Story - Victoria Velarde and A.J. Gomez. Editing - A.J. Gomez Styling, Hair and make up - Victoria Velarde Casting - Victoria Velarde and A.J. Gomez. MAKING OF: http://vimeo.com/31692688 Thanks to all my friends for helping me out, specially: Victoria Guajardo, Camila Barragan Dagoberto Tamez Video by Alberto Gomez Film Making T 52(81) 8115001881 groovychaos@gmail.com groovychaos.tumblr.com twitter@groovychaos Model Management by Victoria Velarde. T (81) 83563184 cel 52 (81) 8114173339 yummytrash.com twitter@yummytrash facebook yumm&trash