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ANS Homevideo

2021-05-01 5 0 Vimeo

The last true decade of excessiveness by Eliza Ballesteros Occurring toward the end of the noughties, Anna Nicole Smith died at the beginning of 2007 in a Hard Rock Casino Resort Hotel in Florida, USA, from a prescription drug overdose. One might see the TV personality as a tragic figure. Constantly labelled by the tabloids as ‘‘a mess‘‘ and ‘‘over the top‘‘, a candid icon of the 2000s, being famous for being famous. The ANS Homevideo is shot on the infamous VHS tape, the same medium used against Anna Nicole in court, showing a crushingly private situation when ANS was how she always was; terribly high and distant in her mind, a benzo addict, but revealing, at the same time, that she was pregnant, provoking a scandal and exposing her in all her vulnerability. Starring JP Langer, using method acting to transform ANS‘ vigour into a merciful, self-empowering moment, asking to add more red to her nose. Written and Directed by JP Langer Editing Caro Eibl Camera Felix Schütze