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Universal Binaural

2008-02-07 351 Dailymotion

Universal Binaural is a beginner reggae tune composed by Samuel Fontaine. He is the guitar teacher of the Académie Musicale, a famous music school in Reunion Island (France).

Universal Binaural involves three instruments: two electro-acoustic guitars and a bass guitar. Samuel plays the three sections. The goal is to study several basic techniques: melody, arppegios, rhythm patterns, palm muting, etc.

Learn how to play this piece! Download the free virtual interactive DVD from this site: http://e-guitar.univ-reunion.fr/

Major features:
- Full screen DVD-quality picture (more than twice the average size of a video on the web)
- User controlled multi-angles
- High Quality slow motion
- Works on most DVD players, DVD-enabled videogames consoles and PC/Mac
- Optional English and French subtitles

This tune is part of the e-guitar Sonar Edition collection. Seven other tunes are proposed, for classical, folk, electric and accompaniment guitar.

This project is led at IREMIA (Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Reunion). Its goal is to gather feedback about new ways of learning guitar pieces.