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Cars 2 Game Pipeline Sprint Dailymotion

Cars 2 Game - Mater - Pipeline Sprint - Disney Car

Sir Tow Mater, generally known by just his surname, Mater, is the deuteragonist of Cars, and the protagonist of Cars 2. He also appeared in his very own TV shor...

2017-01-20 12:48 1 Dailymotion

Cars 2 Game - Jeff Gorvette - Pipeline Sprint - Disney Car

In Cars 2: The Video Game, Jeff returns as a playable character often seen in races.\rIn international versions of Cars 2, Jeff Gorvette is replaced in one scen...

2017-01-23 07:22 3 Dailymotion

Cars 2 Game - Racer Holley - Pipeline Sprint - Disney Car

In Cars 2: The Video Game, Holley appears a playable character, unlocked from the start of the game.An alternate costume of her, Racer Holley, can be unlocked b...

2017-02-16 05:20 6 Dailymotion

Cars 2 Game - Raoul Caroule - Pipeline Sprint - Disney Car

In Cars 2, Raoul ÇaRoule was seen catching up in the dirt section in Tokyo. He was also seen passingFrancesco Bernoulli by using the same skill thatLightning M...

2017-01-21 04:48 1 Dailymotion

Cars 2 Game - Fillmore - Pipeline Sprint - Disney Car Games

Up to 4 players can race in the game, which players can choose from more than 20 different characters and train to become world class spies. As part of their in...

2017-01-19 04:37 2 Dailymotion