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CRAXY(크랙시) - 'Undercover' 응원법 (Cheering Guide)

CRAXY(크랙시) - 'Undercover' 응원법 (Cheering Guide)...

2022-08-31 03:59 1 Dailymotion



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Practice ng cheering ng CSIT sa rosario...

2008-02-04 05:30 1 Dailymotion

Tailgating in T-Town

There's nothing quite like Tailgating on the Quad down on the University of Alabama campus! The unique tradition which began 10 years ago lives on in vibrant, l...

2010-10-24 03:22 0 Vimeo

North Korea | So many things you will never know

The Parade The ground started to shake and ripple under your feet as the tanks started to roll by,the street filled with thick clouds of diesel fumes.Alongsid...

2016-03-14 02:08 0 Vimeo

The Master

THE MASTER a ProchainFilm Production A young famished teenager will do anything to get food what guide him to the Master! CASTING Joel Chiasson as himself ...

2012-02-23 03:52 0 Vimeo

Parallaxion #2-C.G. Jung & Basketball

To Carl Jung, one of the founders of psychoanalysis, life as we know it was only the tip of an iceberg. Life as we don’t know it, that is, the unconscious rea...

2010-03-28 19:39 0 Vimeo

Seniors 2018 - Anthony Kammerer

Senior Anthony Kammerer has been the heart of the Class of 2018. He could be found in front of every student cheering section, no matter how large or small, le...

2018-05-10 01:57 0 Vimeo